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Our activites / Multimodal


Moving towards eco-responsible forwarding as from today

Middle term European regulations enforce stronger and more severe environmental measures. Together we can make these regulatory constraints a competitive advantage.


Throughout our CO2 commitment and intermodal development we make your benefit from and environmental friendly setup significantly helping you reduce your energy impact.   


Using intermodal solutions perfectly integrates in competitive and high quality logistics and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Competitive prices

In today’s global economy, many aspects contribute to promoting intermodal transportation, respectful of the environment and positively affecting the economy.


Using less fossil fuel through this kind of transportation contribute to stable intermodal prices.


This solution also offers higher pay-loads on all destinations.



Single intermodal transport unit

Your commodities are loaded into a single intermodal unit which benefits from real time GPS positioning. 


Transport is carried out by road, rail or sea without any transshipment (craneable P400 units).



Reliable and safe

The most obvious advantage of rail and sea transport is punctuality. Pre-defined arrivals and departures highly contribute to reducing delays.


As handling operations are reduced so is the risk of cargo damage or theft. Train stations and sea ports being subject to strict security procedures, protection of cargo is also increased.


Hazardous goods being subject to ADR regulations is fully compatible with our intermodal routes.


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Poids total autorisé en charge PTAC 44 tonnes


Compatible with all

transports up to 44T

Transport intermodal respectueux de l'environnement


Environmental friendly

96% CO2 saving

Transport intermodal compétitif


 Less dependent on

fuel variations

Transport sans transbordement


Reliable - Enhance

road decongestion