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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

The current policy in regards to confidentiality and cookies applies to all website visitors and users



We consider your personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail) as well as any other data communicated through our website or generated by browsing on our website as confidential.


In compliance with current legislation we safeguard these information in secure conditions and for a limited period of time conditioned by the purpose of which they were communicated to us. These information are made available only to our employees and/or our subsidiaries and are only used for the purpose of which they were communicated: to reply on your demands made through our website surveys, e-mail requests or similar.


Some information required in the surveys are mandatory and are highlighted as such by an asterisk. If you chose not to communicate these information we will not be able to handle and respond to your request.




A cookie is a small file which is stored on your computer when using your internet-browser to visit a webpage. Cookies that we use do not permit us to identify you, they only register information about browsing history and statistics when you use our website.



What is the purpose of cookies?

We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience and also to analyze our website attendance and performance, as well as improving the services we provide.



Wich cookies are used on our site?


We use Google Analytics performance analysis cookies which allows us to know more about the use and performance of our website and also help us improve it.



How to accept or deny cookies?

At any moment you can chose to deactivate cookies through your internet browser.


We remind you that modifying your cookie policy may result in our website not working optimally. If your browser is set to block all cookies you will not be able to access i.e. your online account.


Most internet browsers allow you to define your cookie policy. You can set your browser to block or remove cookies. In general you can also define similar technologies the same way through your browser.

Following links show you how to define your cookie policy depending on your internet browser:


 If you use Internet Explorer:


 If you use Mozilla Firefox:


If you use Safari


If you use Google Chrome:


If you use Opera:


 For more information you can visit the CNIL website at the following address:



None of the information you communicate is spread outside companies affiliated to the website or our website host, and only for the purpose of managing your requests or to comply with legal obligations (more info here).

Your information is never broadcasted or commercialized to third-parties.



All information, especially personal data collected or generated during or following the current processing can be communicated to persons making use of their rights. You can make use of your rights to access and modify your personal data as described in the data protection act  n° 78-17 of January 6th 1978 by contacting us by email.


These cookies make it possible to generate anonymous site traffic statistics via Google Analytics (the number of visits, the most viewed pages, etc.). This data helps to identify any malfunctions on the site and to improve the quality of our services.

Analytics / audience measurement

Ces cookies permettent de générer des statistiques anonymes de fréquentation du site via Google Analytics (le nombre de visites, les pages les plus vues, etc.). Ces données contribuent à identifier d'éventuels dysfonctionnements sur le site et à améliorer la qualité de nos services.