Since you started visiting our web site, P.Ø Scandex has saved the emission of:


15 years of continuous improvement to serve you better


Our will to comply with our customers’ demands continuously require us to review and improve our internal processes.


Constant improvement of our quality, safety, security and environmental certified management system is the cornerstone of our customer satisfaction.


Constant feedback and involvement from our operational staff (sales, forwarding, HR, IT and technical services) contribute to the decision making of our quality managers.


The maturity of our quality system keeps our customers loyal and allows us today to calmly anticipate their requirements.

Since the beginning of the year, P.Ø SCANDEX saved...


P.Ø Scandex is actively committed to enhance and value environmental performing road transportation.

More than 50% of our shipments are carried out through our multimodal setup (using both railway and shortsea), enabling us to save several hundred tons of CO2 every year.


The environment is tomorrows challenge – let’s save it together!


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Our two ISO standard certifications comply with the International Standardization Organization’s processes. Our AEO approval is granted directly by French Customs authorities. Click here to learn more about A.E.O.



Logo ISO14001


ISO 9001 since 2005


Our ISO 9001 version 2015 certification guarantees continuous improvement and reliability of our quality management system.

Logo ISO9001


ISO 14001 since 2006


Our ISO 9001 version 2015 certification endorse the environmental respect of our logistics centers and our internal processes.

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O.E.A. since july 2010


Our AEO approval guarantees you the safety and security of your commodities as well as our logistics centers and employees.