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Our activites / Warehousing

Storage and picking facilities

Two logistics centers south of Lyon

Located next to the motorways connecting the main areas of the Rhone-Alpes region, PO Scandex group offer you dedicated storage and picking facilities.

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General cargo warehouse

Dedicated to pallet storage in racks an floor, as well as Cross-docking.

  • 5200 m²
  • 10 m. high
  • 3000 pallets capacity

Specialized warehouse

Dedicated to handling and storage of odd size and heavy products.

  • 2500 m²
  • 2 overhead cranes (5T)
  • Lifting clamps


Ecological and secure infrastructures

Compliant to ISO14001 certifications, these 2 infrastructures are 100% electrical powered and equipped with LED lighting.


Highly secured, both sites are fully fenced and benefit from alarms and CCTV and are also AEO certified by French Customs authorities.


Secure docking by use of state-of-the art technology including wheel blocking device synchronized with opening/closing of docking day.


Our storage offers include digital services such as EDI, reporting, inventory management and monitoring.


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Logistique verte


Green Logistics

Sustainable development

Infrastructure sécurisée


Secured and certificated infrastructures







Inventory management